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World Population Day is a chance to highlight the issues of adolescent girls rights and gender equality in Ukraine 11 july 2013

Interview for the Parliamentary TV channel RADA

July 11 - On the occasion of World Population Day, RADA TV Channel Personal Opinion program was devoted to the issue of adolescent pregnancy in Ukraine and all over the world. During the interview, UNFPA Representative Nuzhat Ehsan drew attention to the fact that young people are becoming sexually active at increasingly younger ages and this exposes them not only to unwanted pregnancy, but also to HIV and other STIs.

The discussion also expanded on to other demographical problems that exist in Ukraine such as low fertility and high mortality among men especially of working age. Ms. Ehsan described the demographical issues and related social challenges in Ukraine, namely shrinking labor force, increasing economic and fiscal burden on the working population, greater demand for social and health care services.

The discussion also focused on the issue of gender equality in Ukraine and outlined a number of issues to be addressed in this regard, namely: gender gaps in wages, persistence of stereotypical notions regarding the role and status of women, which in turn results in gender based occupational segregation, underrepresentation of women in management positions and in the Parliament.

Watchthe interview online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B__XPc2KsAI

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