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Фонд народонаселення ООН в Україні

Пропозиція до партнерства 21 листопада 2017

Крайній термін подачі - 4 грудня 2017


The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) seeks to identify potential partner organizations for the implementation of the UNFPA Country Programme for Ukraine for 2018-2022. The programme will focus on the following thematic areas and directions of work:

  • Empowering young people for the full realization of their potential

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and advancing sexual and reproductive health of young people

  • Building modern life and job skills to help young people become more socially active, politically engaged and economically resilient

  • Enhancing participation of young people in decision-making on issues related to their lives

  • Advancing the youth and peacebuilding agenda in support of the UN Security Council Resolution 2250

  • Reducing gender inequalities in social, economic and political spheres of life

  • Reducing gender stereotypes that shape gender roles at home and at work

  • Developing innovative solutions for women and girls to voice their needs and claim their rights

  • Exploring and addressing gender disparities from an economics angle

  • Strengthening national gender-based violence response mechanisms

  • Improving national and local policy and regulatory frameworks

  • Developing capacity, especially at the local and community levels, to comprehensively address gender-based violence

  • Developing data management solutions for measuring, monitoring, analysing and responding to gender-based violence

  • Increasing demand for gender-based violence related services

  • Fostering partnerships to sustainably spearhead gender-based violence prevention and response

UNFPA invites motivated, capable and experienced governmental, non-governmental (non-profit) and academic organizations to express their interest in becoming UNFPA implementing partners for any or all thematic areas and directions as listed above. If selected, the implementing partners will be expected to propose, plan, organize and deliver the activities in accordance with the agreed project budgets and timeframes to achieve the intended results of the UNFPA Country Programme for 2018-2022, with guidance from and in collaboration with UNFPA.


  • Official registration as a legal entity in Ukraine

  • Mandate, mission and proven experience in the UNFPA thematic programme areas

  • Sufficient management capacity to deliver complex multi-stakeholder interventions

  • Robust internal controls and operating procedures

  • Experience of implementing international projects is desirable

  • Knowledge of the UN operational policies and procedures is an advantage

  • Language of official correspondence will be English


Interested organizations should submit their expressions of interest to UNFPA at by COB 4 December 2017 enclosing the information listed below (please attach documents signed by the Chief Executive Officer as scanned copies in pdf-format):

  • Expression of interest letter explaining how the organization meets all the requirements and its comparative advantages and indicating in which thematic area(s) and work directions the organization is willing to establish a partnership

  • Full legal name, address and contact information of applying organization

  • Copy of valid legal registration in the country

  • Mandate and/or mission statement of the organization explaining its purpose, goals and objectives

  • Organizational structure chart (organigramme)

  • Statement of organization’s expertise in the proposed area(s) of collaboration

  • Short description of previous and existing activities in the proposed area(s) of collaboration and how long the activities have been carried out

Upon receipt of the above information, UNFPA will review the applicants and pre-select those meeting the UNFPA requirements for a shortlist of potential implementing partners. Placement on this list does not guarantee a partnership with UNFPA. Before entering into a partnership, the shortlisted organizations may be invited to submit specific formal proposals for programme activities. The invitation for proposals will provide a more detailed description of the intended results and scope of work.

Those applicants whose proposals are found acceptable will undergo a formal assessment of their management and delivery capacity according to UNFPA policies and procedures. This assessment may include governance and leadership, administrative systems, human resources, technical capacity and knowledge management, financial management, internal controls, procurement system, activity tracking and reporting, monitoring and evaluation, geographic coverage, partnerships and networking, past experience and reference checks. Successful candidates will be offered to enter into an “Implementing Partner Agreement” with UNFPA.


  • Due to high volume of communications, UNFPA may not be able to confirm receipt of expressions of interest

  • UNFPA will be able to only contact the shortlisted organizations

For clarifications regarding this Call for Partnership please contact Ms. Inna Martin (
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01021, Україна.
Місто Київ, Шовковична, 42-44
Тел.: +38 044 281 32 31

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